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Rotlex is here to assist you with any questions or support you may need!  whether it’s additional information, discussing upgrades, adaptations, customizations or automation.  Many of our support requests evolve into valuable consultation sessions where we share our 30 years of experience and solutions, contributing to your process improvement, product quality, and overall knowledge.  

Maintenance remote & on-site agreement  

Offering maintenance, calibration, and system certification services for seamless operation and compliance. 

Consulting for solving production issues 

Expert consulting tailored to resolve production challenges, ensuring efficient and effective solutions. 

Calibration and certification (3Q) 

Certifying test standards involves aligning equipment for accuracy and ensuring compliance, supporting quality assurance in various industries.


Receive a solution that perfectly aligns with your needs and workflow. Our hardware and software can be customized to meet your demands. 

Samples measurement 

Send us lens samples, and we will provide you with a report utilizing our systems. 


Our commitment is to maintain an average response time of less than 24 hours,
ensuring that your inquiries and concerns receive prompt attention and timely resolutions.

TSA - Technical support agreement 

Through emails, phone,
or on-site if necessary. 

Initial remote diagnostics 

For faster problem
detection & solution. 

Training & Guidance 

Comprehensive training packages,
both remote and on-site.

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We’re just a form away! submit
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