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A Vision of Qaulity

With nearly 30 years of dedication to optical metrology, ROTLEX has been a driving force in advancing the ophthalmic optics industry. Our solutions have not only facilitated but also accelerated progress across various sectors, including intraocular lenses, contact lenses, and frames. Embraced by manufacturers and laboratories globally, our solutions are the preferred choice for product development, production, and quality control. At ROTLEX, we stand at the forefront, delivering premier optical metrology and quality assurance solutions worldwide. Our commitment to pioneering research and development extends to lens optical testing instruments, particularly in the field of ophthalmology, ensuring the highest standards of quality and precision. 

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Why Rotlex?


With Different Industries

While constantly improving existing products to adapt to ever-changing optical designs, we actively engage in collaborative research and development with various industries to advance our technical solutions to various applicable fields.
It also involves the following potential applications: 

Detection and characterization of hot/cold or denser regions in gaseous and liquid media based on refractive index changes. 

Detection and characterization of hot/cold or denser regions in gaseous and liquid media based on refractive index changes. 

Topographic mapping, detection, and quantification of local distortions of nominally uniform phase objects such as AR/VR glasses, car windshields, beam splitters, polarizers, protective glasses, optical windows, CCDs, etc. 

High-precision measurement of refractive index of gas
and liquid media.


For Analysis Technologies

With a large R&D team and multiple patented technologies refined over nearly four decades of dedicated investment, ROTLEX guarantees its customers stay ahead in technology. Employing patented Moiré deflectometry, Lau Effect, and Shearing interferometry, our adept team efficiently characterizes transparent objects through light transmission or surface examination via reflected light. This unwavering commitment to innovation highlights our reliance on a robust R&D backbone, ensuring we continually deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to our customers’ evolving requirements. 

Ophthalmic QA


Drawing upon almost 30 years of collective industry experience in ophthalmic lens production, the ROTLEX team specializes in providing unparalleled expertise in quality assurance. Our advanced metrology technology enables us to offer customers a comprehensive solution tailored to enhancing product quality and stability. Trusted by major lens manufacturers globally, our focus on quality assurance ensures that our solutions empower clients to achieve unparalleled excellence and reliability
in their products. 

Optical Metrology


ROTLEX’s optical metrology system, built on patented Moiré deflectometry technology, is a trusted standard in the global ophthalmic lens industry. Favored by major research and metrology institutions, our commitment to innovation ensures continued excellence and leadership in the field. 


To A Developing Market 

In the contemporary lens industry, complexity in design and quality demands surpass traditional measurement methods. ROTLEX’s patented technology offers a precise solution, widely adopted to accurately measure and meet the evolving standards of modern lens designs. 

The Team

Gilad Kronman

QַA Manager

Dr Raanan Bavli

R&D Manager

Rami Gutterman


Eyal Harel


Avi Levi

Production Manager

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The center of our operations includes engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, distribution offices, and the R&D department.

Rotlex Israel

Rotlex Building 2D, Omer Industrial Park
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Our China office serves as sales, service center of Asian market, we present all Rotlex equipment in China office for visitors and sample testing.

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